Eating habits 1 or 2 times in large portions, as you do, just eating breakfast, can 2 plates at once, often I see today. Because of busy, no time, lazy to the kitchen, do not want to stand in line a long time, or go to the restaurant again and again to be the reason they have such habits

Although it's currently not feel no complaints related habits, from the health aspect is not really good.

A diet like this provides an excessive burden on your digestive system. URLs grinding machine, he has to work to process food at once in large quantities. As a result, the body must secrete gastric acid, and other digestive enzymes in large quantities anyway.

Blood flow to the digestive system also needed more. While this compensation can be made by our bodies, probably not a problem, although there are often complaints such as weakness, drowsiness, feeling stupid after a person eats too much. If compensation can not be carried by our bodies, eating like this model could cause indigestion with complaints of bloating, nausea, vomiting, abdominal suffocating, hot chest, like-burning due to stomach acid and food reflux or into the esophagus.

In fact, there are reports of a few cases, that the heart attack occurred because it was triggered by eating a lot of this before.

Although your current weight is normal, eating breakfast at the same time can also spur many overweight, or obese. There is a study, a large portion of the morning meal, although the goal to avoid eating again after that, but it had no effect. They still tend to eat more after that.

Nutrition big meal this morning, also tends to not be good, and incomplete. Variety of nutrients, including vegetables, fruits required by the body. We need 3-5 servings of vegetables each day. If we only had breakfast, then a snack only, we do tend to snack unhealthy, often people looking for a snack of vegetables, fruits, but usually tends to foods that contain lots of sugar, flour and fat.

Eating like this can cause blood sugar levels suddenly soaring. Insulin is a hormone that time trying to neutralize them may experience fatigue, and eventually insulin resistance, and diabetes mellitus.

So, although there are no definitive rules how many times should we eat a day, but, eat in smaller portions, more often, for longer (chew) is much more healthy. Religion also advocate that. "Eat ye and drink ye, but excessive Jagan (QS) Fill your belly with one-third food, one-third water, empty the remaining

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