Many people simply drank ice water immediately after exercise. Indeed delicious. But the habit is not true. Imagine, if you throw ice water to the hot pan, what will happen? Smoke will soon gush out. That's what happens when you drink cold water after exercising. Because the body heats up to temperatures above 37 degrees Celsius during exercise.

When the ice water flowed organs, obviously impaired metabolism. It was fatal for the heart because it can make blood vessels narrow, so that blood flow to the heart stopping.

However, the cold water is not forbidden. With good water temperature is 15 degrees Celsius, and the cold tolerance limit is 4 degrees Celsius. It was not immediately drink a lot. Just two cups or about 500 cc.

"Drinking cold water is not recommended. Do not jump so sweat it out, you either drink water or ice water from the refrigerator, "said Siregar Dr.dr.Parlindungan SpPD-KGH in the event of The 5th Annual Women's Health Expo (WHE) 2013 in the Puri Agung Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta, Saturday (03/09/2013).

Dr Parlin suggested that water should be drunk after exercise is the water temperature according to the weather body.

Noteworthy, drink cold water slowly. Knowingly or not, if directly in large portions, your head will be dizzy from the central nervous system is not ready to receive a response shift from hot to cold too quickly. "Drink two sips first, then proceed as usual," said Tanya Tatyana Rotikan.

If complicated measure water temperature, how easy. Drink water that does not make your teeth ache.
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