Body refreshed and energized throughout the day can be achieved by exercising in the morning. But breakfast is also necessary to obtain optimal energy. So which one is more beneficial, do breakfast or exercise first?

Several studies have found that eating before exercise can provide energy during exercise. After breakfast is a better time to do a more intense exercise because the body has the energy to do the exercise with full capacity.

A new study published in the journal International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism reveals eating salty foods before exercise to prevent dehydration during exercise the body. This is because salty foods can contribute to the body's electrolytes are needed when the body secretes a lot of fluid.

Keeping the body to stay hydrated by consuming enough water during exercise is important to optimize sports performance. Dehydration during exercise will lead to rapid fatigue, stomach cramps one hand, even organ dysfunction.

But regardless of which must be done first, exercise and breakfast equally important to do in the morning. In fact a new study from the UK revealed eating and exercise in the morning can improve mood and memory.

The study involved 12 men who have breakfast habits and exercise in the morning. Researchers measuring the ability of the participants in processing the data, time reacting, mental fatigue, and focus.

The result of the participants had an average capability better than those who exercise but not breakfast, or breakfast but not sports.

According to the American Council on Exercise, exercise before breakfast actually okay to do. As long as the selected type of exercise is moderate exercise, such as some yoga poses and stretching.

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