The research team from the University of Texas-Pan American, USA, presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Psychological Science in Washington DC, U.S., on Saturday (25/5), calls, people surfing the internet or sending short message service two hours before bedtime have higher stress levels than those who do not perform.

However, sending electronic mail, watch television, read a book, or exercising before bed does not show the same increase in stress. This finding is an association, not cause and effect. That is, as quoted by My Health News Daily, Wednesday (29/05/2013), it is possible that stress makes the technology as an escape device before bed.

Previous studies by the same group of researchers showed that the behavior of surfing the internet, send email, and send short message service before bedtime can cause insomnia. This sleep disruption can increase stress. National Sleep Foundation poll in the U.S. in 2011 found that 95 percent of Americans used the technology an hour before bedtime.

The researchers said the gadget emitted light, both portable computers, tablet computers, and smart phones, may interfere with sleep. Screen gadgets emit a lot of blue light that suppresses melatonin, a hormone that affects a person's sleep and wake cycles. (MyHealthNewsDaily / MZW)

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