In addition to diet and lifestyle, hormones also play a role in determining body weight. Check out some of the hormones that affect weight more as reported by the All Women Stalk following.


This is the hormone responsible for triggering the stress experienced by the body. As you know, stress can lead to weight gain. To reduce levels of the hormone cortisol, try to exercise regularly to lose weight can also be controlled.

Hormone that the body has a 'command' that you need to rest and sleep, the melatonin. Increased production of these hormones in the room darker. That is the reason why when sleeping, the lights should be turned off. Melatonin hormone deficiency is often associated with obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

Love hormone oxytocin occurs when the body or in contact with the person you love, making love, or eating chocolate. But if you're hurt, tends to decrease the amount of oxytocin and cortisol actually increases automatically. So that the body was at risk of obesity.

Thyroid hormone plays an important role in the metabolism to burn fat and distribute energy throughout the body. If you are stressed, malnourished and suffering from inflammation, may decrease the amount of thyroid hormone. In the end, risk of increased body weight.

Estrogen and progesterone

Both are owned by women and hormones produced by the ovaries. Estrogen and progesterone also affect our weight, whether it be lowered or increased. Thus the menopause and puberty are often associated with weight gain and changes in body shape.

Both men and women have the same hormones. Testosterone also influences the weight, because its function is to maintain muscle strength which triggers metabolism in burning fat. If the number is decreasing, the weight can be increased.

Leptin and ghrelin
Both of these hormones can be regarded as the appetite hormones. Because both play a role in giving a message to the brain that you're hungry. Lack of sleep can affect the performance of the hormone leptin, so your appetite will usually difficult to control and make weight swell.

This has the happy hormones on mood control and memory. Amount should be kept balanced so the weight can be controlled. Because lack of serotonin can lead to anxiety which leads to stress.

That's some kind of hormones that affect our weight. Make sure you maintain the health and balance of these hormones for weight control.
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