Many people are very fond of ice cream states. However, some are concerned about rising weight condition and avoid direct this delicious dessert.

Many of the women and housewives ice cream to stop giving their children the reason "can damage teeth" or "the flu later".

However, according to a recent study, it turns out there are a number of benefits of ice cream is very good for health.

Calcium rich
Ice cream made with dairy products rich in calcium and nutrients to strengthen bones and increase the body's energy.

Protect Teeth and Gums
Calcium contained in the ice cream is also useful to protect your teeth and gums strong build. So, from now on think again before you stop giving your child an ice cream.

Reduce Inflammation
Chocolate in the ice cream is also beneficial for the body. This type of ice cream is rich in flavonoids that reduce inflammation of the arteries of the heart. Dark chocolate has flavonoids that protect the heart arteries of fatigue.

Rich in Vitamin
One scoop of ice cream has a lot of vitamin A, D, K and B12. Vitamin A is good for eye health, calcium and vitamin D to absorb nutrients from food and store it in the kidney. Vitamin K improves blood flow in the body and open clogged blood cells. Vitamin B12 improves memory and nervous system.

Lose Weight
Ice cream could help you lose weight. Eating something cold will increase body temperature and burn calories and fat.

Containing Protein
The body needs protein every day to build and repair muscle tissue. Dollop of ice cream can provide sufficient amounts of protein for an active day.

Low Fat
Ice cream made with low-fat ingredients such as skim milk has more health benefits. If you are worried about gaining weight problem, it will not happen.

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