When flu attack, you try to recall the cause. In fact, you can avoid it, you know.

Remember the six following flu precautions. Enjoy your days with fun activities without the runny nose and sneezing.

Imitate the way the French.
Hands are the main transfer of germs and infection. Even scientists at the London School of Hygiene recommend greeting friends in order to imitate the French, which is kissed on the cheek instead of shaking hands. Or, try to improvise in any other way, and adapt to the situation. So, when someone tried to greet you with his hand, trying to reply to cuddle.

Clean your sponge.
Make sure the sponge / cloth germ-free kitchen to put it in the microwave for two minutes every day. The way it certainly will kill 99 percent of microorganisms. Warning: Do it only with a sponge / cloth wet - if not, could pose a risk of fire.

Call a friend and go for a walk.
Research shows that post-menopausal women who exercise regularly - a quick 45-minute walk five times a week - has decreased to three-fold risk of catching colds and flu compared to women who did not exercise.

Wash the surface of the furniture on a regular basis.
Doorknobs, faucets, remote TV and refrigerator door is a hotbed of germs. Other items that do not contain the bacteria is less telephone, computer keyboard, keypad lights, kitchen surfaces and cleaning cloth.

Regular meals, exercise and enough sleep.
Healthy diet - by eating lots of fruits and vegetables - exercise and sleep for seven hours a day can make your body immune to germs.

Opponent with garlic.
In a study involving 146 volunteers at the Garlic Centre, England, half of them were given supplements containing garlic every day, the other half got a placebo pill with effects. For 90 days in the winter, those taking garlic pills have a total of 24 people catching colds and flu, while volunteering with the placebo pills catching colds and flu numbered 65 people. Those taking garlic supplements and flu also showed a shorter duration of illness and decreased the risk of flu in later
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