10 best health tips to stay one step ahead of the infection in this summer

1. Wear light cotton clothing - which will let your skin of breathe and reduce sweating. Bacteria are very fond of perspiration is the cause of prickly heat, so try to keep cool to avoid infection.
2. Avoid heat during the day - which can lead to heat exhaustion or stroke due. Protect your family by staying in the shade and hydrated with plenty of water.
3. Wear a hat and sunscreen - sunscreen and keep your skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. Wear a hat and stay in the shade keeps you cool and dry, which is a good way to avoid body odor and prickly heat.
4. Washing hands regularly - Remember that germs live, everywhere, from the kitchen to the door handle base and you are constantly in contact with germs. Lifebuoy provide protection from 10 infeksiyang caused by germs, so wash your hands constantly is the key to protect you from germs that cause infections in the summer.
5. Bathe regularly - to avoid excessive sweating, Cool Fresh Lifebuoy provide long-lasting protection from germs that cause body odor.
6. Stay hydrated - Fresh water and juices will keep your child hydrated and cool. check that the water is safe to drink or have dealt with the right to be taken to avoid water-borne infections such as gastroenteritis.

7. Eat healthy - vitamins naturally boost the immune system. So give your child plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to help fight infection summer. make sure the fruits and vegetables have been washed with clean water.
8. avoid rubbing the eyes-use towel and a clean handkerchief to avoid eye infection spreads from one person to another.
9. keep your drinking water containers clean tetao-container must be emptied, then refilled dikeringan regularly to avoid mosquito breeding. mosquitoes carry the infection so it is better avoided.
10. Prepare the meal pedestal - pedestal kitchen and make sure your hands are washed and dikeringan before you prepare food to avoid the risk of food poisoning.!

Source : lifebuoy.co.id
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