The increasing use of supplements over the years not only as a food supplement made additional course, but it's a lifestyle the world today.

Understanding people that can supplement the body's nutritional requirements is essential that a high consumption factor supplements in the world. This is the basis for the supplement manufacturers are competing to produce food supplements marketed as food supplements as well as offering a variety of health benefits.

Anyone in Need Food Supplements?
Not a meal replacement food supplements that can be used as a main meal. The main function is to supplement nutritional supplements that do not we get out of the daily diet.
Basically every individual has his own measure of when he needs food supplements. There are certain times where a supplement is needed by the body, so that supplements the benefits can be felt. Anyone and when it is appropriate to consume dietary supplements?

Smokers and Drinkers
People who love to smoke or people who often are in the smoke-filled environment, might be in need of food supplements. Some studies say that people are often exposed to smoke, both active and passive smokers, tend to decrease vitmain C levels in the body.

This causes the active and passive smokers need vitamin C intake of 40 percent more than those who were never exposed to smoke. This theory also applies to people who like to consume alcoholic beverages. The researchers believe that the ability of alcohol metabolism is not as good as normal, because the body can not absorb alcohol nutrients properly, so the risk of organ dysfunction.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Along with the development of science in the field of health, obstetrics and gynecology experts also feel the need to add supplementation to pregnant and lactating women to support the development of babies in the womb at the same time maintain the health of the mother during pregnancy.

Folic acid supplementation is commonly given to pregnant women doctors. Folic acid is used to optimize the baby's brain development. As for the development of the fetal nervous system, supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids are also frequently given by the concerned doctor.

In addition, pregnant women also need Calcium intake and more iron than before she was pregnant. If the baby is calcium deficiency, he would absorb calcium from the mother, so they can put the mother at risk of osteoporosis (brittle bones).

Body's nutritional needs of people who are physically active is different from the low activity. If you love to exercise, be it cardio or weight training, the dietary supplement is absolutely necessary.
For example, if you are fond of weight training with the goal of increasing muscle mass, then you will need a larger intake of protein may not be able to get from the daily diet.

Creatine supplementation also you need to help increase muscle cell size as well as creating an explosive force when weight training. You can also add glutamine supplementation is useful in the recovery phase after exercise to prevent muscle injury and muscle catabolism (muscle loss).

Healing Period
After recovering from an illness, the body needs a lot of essential nutrients to support the healing process. Although it can be obtained from food, but sometimes ill condition after 'forcing' we do not eat certain foods that have high nutritional value, thus causing the body lacks essential nutrients for the healing process.
Consumption of multivitamin and multimineral supplements is expected to increase the nutrients from the food and speed up the healing process.

Once again you need to understand that the dietary supplement is the main food supplement, not a meal replacement. Consume supplements wisely and according to the rules in order to maintain your health in the future.

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