In the eyes of every parent, their children and genius is a smart kid. How not, every day it seems there is only the development of the capabilities of the child. Whether it's the talking, drawing, singing, or tinkering with gadgets.
In fact, most children can only be called a genius or gifted at school age. Even so, there are few signs at an early age which can indicate whether your child has a high intelligence.

Children aged 2-4 years may be a gifted child if he shows signs of following.

- It has special talents, such as artistic ability or in terms of numbers. For example, children are able to draw something with a very clear or easy to remember numbers.

- Achieving developmental milestones (milestone) earlier than the friends of his age.

- Excellent language skills, such as being able to speak in complete sentences earlier than their peers.

- Have a high curiosity and never tired of asking questions.

- Very active (although not hyperactive). Hyperactive child who has only a low concentration range, while a gifted child is able to concentrate on one thing for a long time. He also has a strong desire on the things that interest and love doing activities difficult.

- Have a vivid imagination. Gifted children often create imaginary friends.

- Being able to remember things easily and recounted what he had learned from books, TV, or movies they watch.

Signs of other gifted children may be rather difficult to see. There are some talented kids who have realized they are "different" from their peers. It can make them feel isolated and subjected to bullying.

Children whose genius also often experience frustration because they are able to think faster than what they can express, either verbally or physically.

Aptitude test

Although parents often wonder if their child has a high intelligence, most children do not need talent test before they enter elementary school.

However, experts recommend that children be brought consulted if they seem bored or emotional disorder symptoms, such as looking anxious, refused to participate in school activities, or frequent nightmares.

Test the level of intelligence (IQ) of children can be done since they were 3 years old. In addition to IQ tests, aptitude tests can also be done. Children who had IQ levels of 130 or more were categorized as child genius. Average intelligence level is 85-115.

However, it must be understood that the current IQ is just one factor of many other factors before determining whether children called gifted.

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