Overcoming Whitish is actually a natural thing when it occurs in a particular saat2. Because adult female vagina contains normal flora called Basil Döderlein. Basil Döderlein are good bacteria, meaning the bacteria that makes the vaginal environment becomes acidic and serves as a protection against possible infections that occur due to various factors, such as fungal infections, bacteria, viruses, etc.. In addition, vaginal discharge which also serves as protection against a variety of infections.
The nature of the normal fluid is usually watery, odorless, and does not cause itching. This is called vaginal discharge physiological (normal). Normal vaginal discharge occurs only when - certain times, for example: before menstruation, after menstruation, when fatigue, emotional stress, or when sexually aroused (during intercourse).
Meanwhile, abnormal vaginal discharge or abnormal, the nature of viscous fluid or mucus, milk white, yellow, or greenish, which carries sensation odor, and itching.
Discharge can be caused by many factors, including: malnutrition, lack of hygiene resulting in a proliferation of fungi or parasites. Besides it can also be caused by certain objects that intentionally or not inserted into the vagina like a tampon or konntrasepsi tool.

Cause of vaginal discharge caused by fungi or parasites can be divided into three (3) groups, among others:
1. Candidiasis
Vaginal discharge caused by the fungus Candida grows in the vagina. Fungi can grow faster if the vaginal environment lambab. Signs that usually arise as between the other: itching around the vagina and mucus like condensed milk, white. That's why pregnant women and those who suffer from diabetes often experience this kind of whitish.
2. Trichomoniasis
Vaginal discharge is caused by a parasitic infection. It can also be transmitted through unprotected sex couples suffering from trichomonas parasite. Character trait mucus is yellowish, slightly viscous
3. Bacteria Vaginosis
Vaginal discharge is caused by bacteria usually cause a fishy smell pungent, slightly greenish yellow color. Generally this type of vaginal discharge is also called vaginosis.

Ways to prevent or treat vaginal discharge is actually very simple, namely to maintain the cleanliness of the area around the vagina. From the results of studies in several cities in Indonesia, a lot of women who are infected with a fungus of a public bathroom toilet, either gayungnya, or water contaminated with fungal candidiasis Therefore, we need to be careful when using a public bathroom facilities.

Here are some practical steps to address the discharge of which:
Ensure cleanliness. Wash hands before and after touching the property.
Use clothing that is not too tight, of materials that absorb sweat and heat, his msl cotton, as well as changing underwear regularly.
Frequently changing pads during menstruation. Pebalut wet and worn for too long can be a nest of germs or germs.
Manggunakan habit of rubbing a towel with the back to the front which allows the transfer of germs from the rectum or anus into the vaginal canal. So get used to using a towel from front to back so that germs do not enter the vagina.
You can also use a vaginal douche or wash the vagina as laktasid to restore the acid levels in the vagina. However, avoid excessive consumption because it can kill "good" bacteria in the vagina Döderlein bacteria.

Whitish treat
Abnormal vaginal discharge or fisilogis not require treatment. But if the discharge is caused by an allergy, treat vaginal discharge just by avoiding allergens. With so white will heal by itself.
While vaginal discharge caused by germs do require treatment according to the cause. Doctors usually prescribe a similar drug combination anti-fungal, parasites, and bacteria. Types of medications are available there are two types of drugs are put directly into the vagina (suppository) or the type of medication taken tablets (oral medication or pill).
Some people tend to use betel leaf boiled water to treat vaginal discharge. In fact, there are also consuming pomegranate seeds to cope with whitish. Whitish traditional treatment methods, can be effective for normal vaginal discharge, which serves traditional medicine as an antiseptic and suppresses the production of mucus. However, betel leaves or other traditional ingredients does not have the effect of killing bacteria (antibiotics), so that for the case of pathological vaginal discharge / caused by certain germs (fungi, viruses, or bacteria) traditional medicine can not solve the problem, so it still requires drug therapy - drugs so that bacteria does not continue to grow.

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