Herbal medicines have hundreds or even thousands of years used for generations to maintain health and fitness. Even so, herbal medicine can not be taken carelessly.

According to the 2010 Basic Health Research Ministry of Health, the Indonesian 59.12 had been taking herbs or herbal. Types of plants that have the potential as drugs such as ginger, turmeric, ginger, ireng, kencur, ginger, bitter, Dutch identity, Java chili, and ginger.

Even so, according to Prof.Maksum Radji, the use of herbal medicine can not replace modern medicine. "Generally herbal drug reactions are slow, so that in cases of medical emergencies modern medicine is better used as the reaction more quickly to address or eliminate symptoms of certain pain," he said.

Modern medicine, according to Professors of Pharmacy, University of Indonesia, although isolated from natural materials, but have gone through a comprehensive testing rules and complete so that the benefits and risks are distandarasisasi well.

In contrast with traditional medicine, which is inherited from generation to generation and only based on empirical evidence.

"To be able to be used in medicine, herbal medicine clinical trials require a series of steps to ensure a level of safety, dosage, method of use, efficacy, monitor side effects and interactions with other drug compounds," he said.

Therefore, according to the current use of herbal medicine can only be limited to maintaining health. Herbal remedies also should not be mixed with modern medicine.

"The provision of herbal medicines should be avoided when the patient consumes the dosage regimen of modern medicine is very low, such as: antihistamines, immunosuppressant, cardiac drugs, antidiabetic drugs, anticoagulants (warfarin), theophylline, anti retroviral drugs, anti-cholesterol, and so on," he said.

Therefore if you want to combine herbal remedies with modern medicine, should be taken between 1-2 hours later.

For chronic diseases and have severe complications, such as diabetes or cancer, should be accompanied by an examination by a doctor to prevent unwanted side effects.

Sources: health.kompas.com
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