Most diseases of the gums usually caused by poor dental hygiene. But most people still neglect oral hygiene.

Subsequent infection of the gums can cause inflamed gums, forming pockets of pus, and form plaques much more. The germs of the pus pockets can spread throughout the body via the blood vessels.

"This infection is started in the gums but ignored. Consequently germs made ​​it to the blood circulation and carried by the flow," said the lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia, drg.Yudha Rismanto Sp.Perio, at the media conference Gum Problems Solutions in Jakarta, Thursday (2 / 5).

The impact of the circulation of the bacteria depends on the organ where germs berths. If the germs carried by blood flow to the lower body, the heart and the kidneys could be disrupted.

Likewise, if the germs carried to the upper body, the bacteria can be "stuck" in the membrane that surrounds the brain causing meningitis.

In the medical world this is called also by odontegenic infection. Although uncommon, but studies have proven the link between oral health with the onset of chronic diseases.

Therefore Yudha suggest filling the cavities immediately or routine cleaning of plaque. The teeth, the hole will be patched soon stop working the bacteria find their way into the blood vessels. while the gums immediately check when swollen gums.

"Swelling indicates the presence of infection in the local area of ​​the teeth and gums. Nevertheless, duration of infection depends endurance, tolerance, and" nutritional intake per person. The weaker the infection runs faster. Do not take for granted and underestimate the body's signals of pain, "he said.

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