Office workers spend most of their time sitting. Whether it's while in the office or on the way to the office. Lack of time to move, plus a wrong sitting posture causes office workers are prone to experience physical pains and aches.
Survey of the American Osteopathic Association stated, two of the three workers kantorkan feel physical pain in the past six months. The survey involved 1,000 U.S. office workers are at least 18 years old.
The survey results show, in the last 30 days there is 63 percent of participants who felt lower back pain, shoulder 58 percent, 33 percent in the wrist, and 31 percent in the upper back. So what causes this?
Nearly a quarter of the participants thought that the pain experienced is a common part of their job. Physicians and chiropractors AOA spokesperson Lisa DeStefano said, people spend a lot of time at the front desk that causes muscle fatigue from their posture. Though the work should not cause physical pain.

DeStefano suggest, if you spend a lot of time in front of the table, it is also important to pause every few time to rest your muscles by standing. When standing, the muscles of the leg work and the blood will flow more smoothly.

There are several things you can do to ensure good posture while working.
1. High monitors
Position the monitor at a high line with the eye. Keep your head in line with the position of the monitor to relieve neck and shoulder.
2. Distance monitor
Make sure the distance eye to your computer reaches the ideal distance is about 50 cm.
3. Elbow, forearm, wrist
Keep your elbows and upper arms parallel to the floor. Position the keyboard to the right so that you are able to achieve it by moving the elbow.
4. Sitting backs
Sit with that strapping the pelvis pulled forward so as to make the shoulder and neck muscles are more relaxed.
5. Seat
One should not lean back in the chair, but make sure it still pulled to the front of the pelvis. When lean, pull your chair a few centimeters.
6. Foot
Make sure both of your feet flat on the floor and do not cross their legs. If your feet do not get flat, use a wedge under the foot.

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