Drink plenty of water, sleep 10 hours a day and exercise is the best thing to do. But not everyone is capable of doing that, although it is recognized that life is not always perfect. Some of you are a career woman who may be working hard, who are forced to socialize late into the night and did not have much time to rest. In the morning was often wake up and wonder to myself, why is your face dull and not fresh. There is no cosmetic that can juggle your face sagging into tight like a teenager. However, there are special tip tip that can make the face appear prima remained throughout the day.

One particular tip that is massaged or facial massage, which was able to stimulate the blood circulation around the skin, and a jug increase nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. you can feel the results instantly. Massage your face with your fingers and for around the eyes, use the ring finger, because this area is very sensitive. As a support to the massage, you used to use aromatherapy oils esensiatau that usually have separate and specially formulated for dry skin, normal and oily. You can also do facial massage using pressure on specific points on the face are also called pressure-point. This massage is very effective in improving the energy in your body and be able to give a feeling of instant fit. How:
1. Using your fingers, gently press the edges of the nose, the right or left between your eyes, then slowly rises to the eyebrows.
2. Take a point on the inside of your eyebrows. Then the perlhan press Teru along the line up to the outside.
3. Add the pressure on the outer edge of your eye, then to the temples.
4. Now down to the bottom of the eye at the center of the cheek. While executing the search radius to the center of your cheeks, add pressure.
5. Proceed to your mouth around. Take a point on the upper lip, added tekananya, then gently run your fingers up to the outer edge of your chin. Press slowly at this point.

Combine the above motion massage with a moisturizer that can improve blood circulation around your face and see results quickly. Choose a moisturizer that contains oxygen, because the particles in the cream can improve circulation. As with any massage, oxygen content can stimulate cells to work more efficiently and improve blood circulation.

Who would not be happy if you thought 5 years younger because the skin fresh and glowing? Follow these tricks and say goodbye to dull skin.

1. Refresh skin with bath
Good hot bath to open the pores and improve blood circulation. But should be no more than 5 minutes because the body's natural oils can go wasted and the skin becomes dry and rough. Rinse the body with cold water to close the pores.

2. Use bath products are free of chemicals
Choose a moisturizer containing bath products. Liquid soaps are made from natural or gel form either to restore tired skin. Interspersed with a light massage on the soap that contains moisturizers can be absorbed into the skin perfectly.

3. Wear a moisturizer according to skin type
Moisturizers containing water (water based) is best used in a tropical climate. Note the content of other support that can increase the water content in the skin cells (humenctant) such as glycerin, urea, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, collagen, protein, amino acids, glucose and glycogen. For oily skin, choose a moisturizer that is oil free because the content of excess oil can clog pores and cause acne. As for the owners tend to dry skin, a moisturizer with oil content of olive, jojoba oil, or avocado nutrition must try to enrich the skin. Moreover, jojoba oil has the advantage will not clog pores. Do not let the wrong choice.

4. Refine your skin protector
Moisture alone is not enough. When out for a lunch meeting, the skin can be exposed to sunlight and wracked by free radicals either directly or indirectly. So, always choose a product that contains at least SPF 30 to ward off the onset of skin problems such as blemishes and premature wrinkles.

5. Enable ritual use night cream before bed
While sleeping, the skin regeneration process most optimal experience. But if we sleep in the air conditioned room, the skin tends to lose moisture. Therefore, choose a night cream as needed in order to regenerate facial skin effectively integrated. Do not forget the hands and feet body skin, wear hand & body lotion before bedtime to minimize moisture that is lost during sleep.

6. Do not wash your face too often
It will also contribute to dry skin menebabkan. Instead, use a face wash soap in the evening when the activity is completed, not during the morning. Instead, wash your face with cold water to maintain the skin's natural oils.

7. Give more attention to the mask skin
In order to look fresh and not dull, the skin needs extra care process. Do the masks before the morning shower. Put your favorite music and aromatherapy candles turn on according to your mood. Guaranteed, whatever your weekend agenda will look beautiful fresh glow.

source: tipswanita
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