Intelligence of children is not only measured by the size of the IQ (Intelligence Quotient). Every child has the intelligence compound, the intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional intelligence (Emotional Quotient / EQ). According to Howard Gardner, one of the professors educators and researchers from Harvard University USA, there are 9 aspects of a child's intelligence. The term that we often hear is multiple intelligences.

What are the intelligence that consists of 9 criteria of the multiple intelligences?

1. Musical intelligence
The intelligence indicated the child easy to follow and remember the song. How to train is by listening to music and singing. Teaching children to sing simple songs as they age. Doing the job with singing, such as bathing and getting up early.

2. Intrapersonal Intelligence
Associated with endurance ability, not easy to down, persistent effort, not inferior. for example, when following the race, appeared publicly. Is to teach children how to train him to get used to being in a group and interact with friends - their peers.

3.Kecerdasan interpersonal (social)
Intelligence is related to the child's ability to adapt, work, relationships with peers and the environment around it. How to train it is to give your child a chance to hang out together often accompanied by friends - peers, play and communicate with children his age.

4. Visual-spatial intelligence
Intelligence is related to the ability to understand the perspective of space. Ie the child is able to differentiate position and location as well as imagined space, in right, left, top, bottom, front, back and sides.
How to train it is any activity related to position or a parent should always citing, eg: Please dong, his brother put on the table, or sister please get me a book that falls under the table. Specify the location of the room, teach your child folding, cutting, turning and drawing.

5. Natural intelligence (natural)
Children are introduced to the environment than men, animals, plants and diverse natural environment, for example, encourage children to occasionally feed on fish or to the zoo, visiting the parks flora and play in the open.

6. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
Children have the ability to perform activities that involve movement of the body when the body eg praying, drawing, jumping, running and sports that move your body, dance, gymnastics and so on. How to encourage children to exercise melatihnnya crossed out and drawing lines, circles, doing gymnastics and dance movements.

7. Moral intelligence
Namely child's sensitivity to pervasive compliance in good behavior, for example, know to say thank you, sorry, excuse me and distinguish good and bad deeds, can refrain from committing an offense against decency ordinances. The trick is to train in group play and perform regulatory rules in the game, teach children to understand and obey simple rules such as playing hide and seek.

8. Verbal linguistic intelligence
Children can speak and tell of an incident that saw the easy, well-strung and chronological events not jumped up and down. How to train is in the womb and after birth the child is often invited to carry on a conversation, talking with parents, playmates, tell tales and sing children - children.

9. Logical-mathematical intelligence
This intelligence is related to the child's ability to understand and solve problems related to the simple theory of numbers. Is to teach children how to train a group of toys owned, calculate and distribute fruit snacks and mention the amount given, classifying objects such as dice-colored toys, toys shaped fruits and flowers.

Every child is born unique

If you encounter difficulties with the stages of child development, maternal child should discuss with your doctor or midwife may also have had training for KPSP, oya this KPSP Pre Screening Questionnaire Development. There are several tools and instruments are also questionnaires to measure it according to the age and developmental stage.
Every child is born unique and ready to receive stimulation of multiple intelligences that we give in the golden age of growth, especially from birth to age 2 years. With proper stimulation intelligence in a healthy balanced nutritional support for Toddlers, will help each child to develop according to the stages.

Internal and external factors are also very influential, therefore keep kids healthy during the growing period, meet the need for love and security. Sure there are protruding from each of the nine children of multiple intelligences in a child someday, but as parents we are trying to develop at the age ninth CHILDREN

Congratulations accompany beloved children and do not forget to continue to stimulate multiple intelligences for children - healthy child grow and develop with age.
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