Regularly eat vegetables is one way to avoid various chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer. Unfortunately, not all of us are able to meet the recommendation to eat three to five servings of vegetables per day. But not to worry, there are a few simple ways that can help us to eat more vegetables.

1. Start in the morning
Started inserting vegetables in breakfast menu allows us to meet the recommended servings. Try to include a piece of spinach, onions, peppers, and mushrooms into the omelets at breakfast. If you want to reduce cholesterol, then do not include egg yolks into a meal.

2. Drinking vegetable
Try to make a drink that is made from vegetables, such as vegetable juices or smoothies. Combine with fruit so it is not too bitter.

3. Replace snacks
If used to snacking crackers or chips, try to replace it with vegetables such as carrot sticks, celery, cucumber and even peanuts. Mix with low-fat yogurt or lemon juice to make it more palatable.

4. Multiply
Each incorporate vegetables into the diet, then fold Take a copy numbers. In addition, a salad can be a good choice to consume enough vegetables in the midst.

5. Vegetable sauce
When making the sauce, the meat is generally selected as a mixture in order to add rich texture and taste. But it turns out vegetables can also have the same role as the meat. Try using eggplant and mushroom pasta sauce to the mix, and feel the benefits.

6. More messages
while eating at a restaurant, try to order more vegetables in the diet. Even if you can, ask to substitute some of the ingredients on the menu with vegetables.

7. Days without meat
Although not choose to be vegetarian, but we can strive for one meatless day we increase the consumption of vegetables. Replace meat with vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and other vegetables.


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