You often feel 'bad hair day' where you can really hate your hair because it looks dull, oily, or dry? Do not worry, here are some tips and tricks to work around!

Clean bangs
If you can not go out without shampooing beforehand but did not have much time in the morning (or maybe you feel less excited to be lazy), you can try the following tips: just clean up your bangs. With this, your hair will not look too cluttered. You only live menguncir your hair and keep your look fresh with a clean bangs!

Break off
This trick also applies to your active. If you have long hair and you feel that you take too long to download its styling, make it come off in your hair. Break off a little messy and not too 'perfect' will actually make you look sexy!

Create more volume
You have a simple limp hair types so it looks thin and weak? Do not worry. You can create volume in your hair with ease. Just do the following trick: bow your head, rub-rub with your fingers, and put the hair spray or some sort of volumizing wax. With this, your hair will look much more 'thick'.

Sprinkle powder
Baby powder is very good at absorbing the oils in your hair and help to increase the volume on your hair! Sprinkle the powder in the palm of your hand and blend on your hair little by little. Make sure your topping evenly-you do not want to look like 'ketumpahan right?

Cover your hair
It's not a cliche and boring tips that require you to wear a scarf or hat to cover your hair. The intention is to cover your hair with a shower cap while bathing. Moisture in the cap can make your hair feel like I just wash it, even if you do not wet your hair! For maximum results, point the hairdryer on your hair for a while.

'Update' your hair
If your problem is you are bored with the hair that looks like 'it-it' alone, it is time to 'replace' your hair style, without the need to go to a salon! If you usually divide your hair from left, try to exchange with your hair splitting from the right. You'll be amazed how this 'small' as it can alter your appearance! Your friends also likely to be noticed.
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