Do not always blame stress as a cause of sleeplessness. What we eat and drink is actually also affect the sleep disorder affects many people now more modern. Know what kind of intake should be avoided, especially if you often feel troubled eyes closed at night.
Here are 10 foods that should be avoided before bedtime to avoid sleeplessness disorder.

1. Caffeine
Caffeine may be good to be a friend start the day, but not to close the day. Caffeine can stimulate the nerves, causing an increase in the movement of extra energy. If you need caffeine, make sure you do it up to 4 hours before bedtime.
2. Alcohol
Alcohol can disrupt sleep and cause waking in between hours of sleep. Consequently, sleep becomes qualified.
3. Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate contains a compound theobromine, phenylethylamine, and anadamin that can stimulate the heart beat more strongly it should be avoided before bedtime.

4. High fat foods
This food will go the extra mile to make digestion before bed. If you force yourself to sleep after eating these foods, there will be an increased risk of heartburn, the stomach acids back up into the esophagus.
5. Red meat
Red meat also causes digestion extra work. If you need the intake of protein, you should replace it with other protein sources such as yogurt more digestible.
6. Tuck
Chocolate cake, cookies, and other sugary foods will raise blood sugar so that the body becomes more energized.
7. Spicy foods
Despite having healing benefits, spicy foods can make heartburn that keeps us up at night.
8. Ice cream
Ice cream can increase blood sugar levels that stimulate the brain to stay awake. In addition, if not immediately used, blood sugar will be stored by the body as fat.
9. Vegetable
Green leafy vegetables are diuretics that cause the body to relieve himself. If you have to go back and forth to the toilet to urinate, of sleep was so disturbed.
10. Oat
Oats contain compounds that melatonin is actually good for sleep, but high soluble fiber in oats have the opposite effect.


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