Toothache, swollen gums, cavities, yellowish teeth color and bad breath is a health problem that is often faced by everyone. Problems with teeth can not only be caused by infrequent brushing teeth, but can also be caused by the ingestion of certain foods.

As reported readerdigest, Tuesday (02/10/2012) The following 5 list of foods that can damage your teeth:

1. Solid candy
Hard candy or cough syrup has the effect of demineralization, where the sugar in the candy can occupy an area in the mouth in a long time and has the potential to cause mouth is acidic.

Acidic mouth is an ideal shelter for the bacteria damaging teeth. Therefore, eat less sweets and brush your teeth afterwards to neutralize mouth. If you take cough syrup, choose sugar-free so as not to damage the teeth.

2. Sticky foods
Sticky foods such as candy or cake made from the starch of starch can stick to the teeth and cause the acid in the mouth. Unfortunately saliva alone is not able to neutralize the acid, so that bacteria will soon develop the mouth and tooth decay. Immediately brush your teeth after eating sticky foods to prevent tooth decay.

3. Sports drinks
Sports drinks are usually a little viscous liquid, sweet, and high in carbohydrates. This not only makes the mouth acidic but also viscous liquid on the teeth for long periods of time. The best drink for teeth is plain water that does not contain sugar at all.

4. Lemon
Not only sweet foods, foods with a sour taste can also damage teeth. Sucking or chewing sour foods like lemon in a long time, can cause enamel demineralization.

5. Soda
Soda is a beverage with high sugar levels, which can damage teeth. Gargle after drinking soda or a glass of water afterwards to neutralize the acid in the mouth. Use a straw when drinking soda so that the liquid is not too long in contact with the teeth.
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