You must have often noticed your kids tired and wearied out after they come back from a game. Kids suffer from a lot of dehydration problems. Moreover you have to keep giving them snacks in the middle of meals as they often feel hungry. Many kids also have a distaste for milk. So, look for some other healthy food for kids. Fruit is good for kids. Apart from being tasty, they are also a healthy snack that kids will enjoy. Let us look at some juicy fruit options for kids.

Pineapple- Pineapple is a good fruit for kids. It is a rich source of vitamin B and C. it improves digestion and is also very effective in curing sore throats and cold. So, if your child has cold, do not hesitate to give him/her a glass full of pineapple juice or raw slices. High in water content, this will also compensate for the loss of water in the child's body.

Mangoes : They are a rich source of vitamin A. One mango a day is enough for your kid. The vitamin A in mango helps in improving the eye sight of the young kid. The best part of this fruit is that, it is very tasty and attractive to look at. Children love to have this juicy and pulpy fruit. Mango is one of the most healthiest foods for kids. Give it to them in between meals whenever they are hungry. This can act as an excellent healthy snack option for kids.

Pomegranate : Pomegranate is loaded with vitamins, sodium, calcium and antioxidants. Consuming pomegranate is very healthy for a child. One or a half pomegranate regularly is enough for your kid. The antioxidants found in this fruit fight against harmful diseases. It also increases your child's immunity. The nutrients in a pomegranate also protects the brain of your child from any internal damage.

Kiwi : Kiwi is rich in vitamin C and potassium. It is thus a very healthy fruit as the minerals and vitamins in the fruit help in increasing the blood count of your child. You may give this fruit as a healthy snack to your kids. Butdo not forget to peel the fruit before making a juice as it might give a bitter taste.

Orange : This can be considered as a healthy juicy fruit for kids. Oranges boost the immune system and is very effective in preventing cold and other infections. It also calms the nervous system. If your child suffers from anxiety or nervousness, then it is very good for him/her to have an orange as its an effective home remedy for such problems.

You should include a fruit in your kids diet as it is going to benefit him/her in multi-faceted ways.

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